July 23

Sustainable Development Equality Equity Better Future

Sustainable Development ?

Self-development and development of communities, nations and planet can be sustainable such that human suffering is no more, and our environment from our air to our lands to our oceans are healthy.

The Problem

 Centuries of colonisational systems across the planet enforced systemic structures to serve powerful regimes, corporations and individuals, through the use of subserviency. Today 1% of the population owns more than 44% of the world's wealth. Billions suffer each day physically, mentally and emotionally as they work to sustain low quality lives for themselves and loved ones. 

The Solution

 Daily wholesome work based on ownership and quality lives, founded on equality and equity, focused on sustained development of healthy lifestyles and a healthy flourishing Planet Earth. 

No one is left behind.

Everyone has equal opportunity from time of conception throughout life. 

No 'haves' and 'have nots.' 

A better inclusive future for all.  

Sustainable Development At Work


People at the core

A mindshift is needed to rethink purpose of life, careers and achievement.


Life Goals into Daily Work

Life goals translated into work to support sustainability of a healthy and flourishing planet. 


Infrastructure Systems & Inclusiveness

Global international policies, systems and infrastructures to support local sustainable development based on inclusiveness.


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