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Central Africa sustainable development youth empowered farmer with Dr. Vie


Future Farmer

Central Africa

“Dr. Vie taught me to plant crops, now I’m going to be a big farmer, and I want to save our people and our planet.”

  • What would it take for us to be prepared and resilient before a global crisis strikes?
  • What if we could prevent pandemics and man-made tragedies and disasters? 
  • What if humans tap in to their unique talents aligned with Planet Earth?

Benefit from an exploratory  Call with humanitarian Dr. Vie?

Explore the  current and future sustainable development needs for your group, community, state, institution, organization, corporation, department or government and clarify strategies for implementable steps.

What We’ll Do Before the Call

Before the call we’ll share information to prepare for the consult.

What Happens During the Call

We’ll discuss your needs and goals for the future, and strategic planning options.

What Changes After the Call

Opt to engage in a series of steps to strategize and achieve short and long term sustainable development goals.

About Dr. Vie

Born in South Africa, Dr. Vie trained in the USA as a medical device and natural health scientist, worked in the EU, USA and Canada in pioneering sustainable healthy foods and packaging. She shares her intellectual property through hands-on, self-development approaches and inspires vulnerable locals in Sub Saharan Africa to learn sustainable trade skills to uplift communities and sustain health, safety, well being and prosperity long term, while regenerating Planet Earth through clean green technologies.  Join, partner or contact her for more information.

Why We Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call


Climate Action Advocate

I was unsure of where to go next, and at the end of the call I felt uncluttered and had more direction, without any pressure to move in any particular path. Thank you Dr. Vie.


Non Government Org.

Given the current crisis, we need to move toward sustainability, but I was unclear how to. My time was very well spent in the call. 


Community Councilor

Our community can develop so much more, and after the consult I feel empowered to motivate and lead with more focus. 

Every Minute, Our Future is Being Shaped by every action we take.  Let’s empower your Sustainable Development Plan, & Better Our Future.


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No one is safe until everyone is safe.