ABOUT ME Dr. Vie (V)

When I left South Africa  as a youth to explore the large world on my own for the first time, I did look back, to wave to my amazing parents, my loyal relatives and friends. Each moment thereafter was one of fascinating challenges, breaking glass ceilings, filled with roller coaster rides, unpredictable successes and devastating lows. But, I plodded on.

So many countries, so  many cities, so many towns, so many people... We may travel on our own but we are never alone.

Life is indeed like the sea, sprung from a sprinkle of water high up in the mountains, streams its way winding through many paths, until it finds itself one with the other zillions of droplets in an ocean of endless beauty and love.

I learned this: To SEE we MUST free our minds from its limitations.

In my store, you will find how you can SEE and free your mind from stopping you. You'll be interacting directly with me, and not any assistant or contract worker when you buy any of your personal development packages. 

Too many "Gurus" and too many "Coaches" promise many things...but not many take the time to personally be there for you. They may have many mini Gurus, assistant Coaches, or trainees, who are fresh out of a six month coaching diploma course, who you end up with, even if you bought the most expensive plans with the name of a famous Guru.

All I know, is that I am personally involved in what I am writing right now. What you see here on this page is from my heart, as I type on the keyboard. But most other Gurus and Coaches will have assistants perfecting their marketing and sales message so it is what they think you want to hear. 

Many coaches have been coached themselves:

  • to wear certain clothing- through a stylist
  • to talk in a certain way- through a voice coach
  • to walk in a certain style- through a body image consultant
  • to sit in a certain position- through a personality coach

So when you see the "Guru" in their videos, it is like watching a professional speaker, who has been trained like an actor in advertisements to hypnotize you into believing in them.

For this reason, you need to ask the right questions before joining any program.

  • Who will be my personal Guide?
  • Who will help me through?
  • Who will talk with me in the chat?
  • Who has written the articles or words on the page?
  • Who writes the emails that I will get.
  • Is he or she first of all true to himself/herself?

You and you alone can select from a number of ways in which to better your personal well Being, better your life, better your family, better your community, better your nation and better your planet- if you wish.

Health, happiness and vitality are key to your life, and I'm here to guide you to better your life.

Wherever you are in the world, I can guide you right from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have access to a phone,  or via any mobile device that has connection to the internet.  

Of course if I am in your town, you can join me at my live events. Or better still you can set up a local event and invite me. 

I am here for you, my dear.


Please do not waste one more moment of your precious life. You can make more money, get another husband, wife, partner, house, car, clothes, friends, job. But you can never get back the time you are losing by waiting one more moment.

No matter how many more free videos you watch, podcasts you listen to, or books your read, your life will never change until you take the step to be the change you want to see in yourself.

I am here for you.

Please select what feels the right fit for you. If you are unsure, send me an email and we can talk for a few minutes so you can choose what works for you today. You can always add more as you go along. But do not leave today, without doing anything, because your tomorrow will only remain the same.

Lots of love my dear,

And hugs,